In Photos: ‘Free Palestine’ Rally in Harvard Yard

By Julian J. Giordano, Joey Huang, and Frank S. Zhou
By Joey Huang

More than 1,000 demonstrators rallied in Harvard Yard on Saturday, condemning the University for a lack of support of Palestinian students and complicity in what they described as “genocide.”

The rally came one week after surprise attacks by militant group Hamas on Israel that killed 1,400 Israelis and saw 150 taken hostage, according to Israeli authorities. In the following days, Israel declared war on Hamas and launched counter-offensives that have left more than 2,600 Palestinians dead as of Sunday evening, according to Gazan health authorities.

By Joey Huang

Speakers at the rally led attendees in chants of “free, free, Palestine,” “no justice, no peace,” and “no more funding Israel’s crimes.”

The rally was jointly organized by the Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee and Graduate Students 4 Palestine.

Organizers offered masks to attendees due to safety concerns.

At the rally, a spokesperson for the PSC, who did not identify himself, demanded Harvard urge federal officials to call for a ceasefire in Gaza and disclose direct and indirect investments in companies “complicit in genocide and human rights abuses towards Palestinians.”

Rally attendees posed for a photo on the steps of Widener Library.

From left to right, posters at the rally read, “Our endowment funds genocide,” “Not in our name,” “Neutrality in the face of genocide is complicity,” and “Jews against genocide.”

University spokesperson Jason A. Newton declined to comment on the rally.

After the rally, attendees marched through the Old Yard. Above, demonstrators walk in front of the Holden Chapel between Hollis and Stoughton halls.

One demonstrator holds a sign reading “Harvard’s Silence = Violence” as another waves a Palestinian flag.

After the march returned to Widener, the rally dispersed. More than 150 attendees took to the streets of Harvard Square in an unplanned protest.

People walk down Massachusetts Avenue, past the Harvard Book Store, chanting and holding signs and flags.

Cambridge Police Department officers managed traffic as protesters took to the street.

The protesters gathered in front of Smith Campus Center, chanting “occupation is a crime, free Palestine in our time,” and “ceasefire now,” before disbanding.

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—Cara J. Chang, President

—Brandon L. Kingdollar, Managing Editor

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