The Full-Court Press: Jessica Halpern '11-'12

Published by Alex Sopko on October 05, 2010 at 10:11PM

Though training for the spring season is just getting underway, the women’s lacrosse team will be stepping up to a hefty challenge Saturday evening when it faces the U.S. women’s national senior team under the lights at Soldiers Field Soccer Stadium. Leading the squad will be Jessica Halpern, the team’s top scorer in 2009. After a leave of absence following a season-ending injury last year, J-Halp is back and ready to tackle three-legged mice as well as the rest of the Ivy League. Every week, The Full-Court Press will give you the sort of personal scoop that you’re not likely to hear at a typical press conference.

Name: Jessica Halpern

Year: Senior

Stats: After winning Ivy League Rookie of the Year in 2008, Halpern played in all 16 games her sophomore season, leading the Crimson in points (55) and goals (46), six of which came in a season-opening win against Holy Cross. She led the Ivy League in goals per game and points per game that spring.

Now, to the questions!

1.Typical pre-game meal.

Definitely have got to say that I load up on carbs pre-gametime.  Pasta and bread (with oil and vinegar, of course) are definitely go-tos in the dhall so that I am energized for the game next day.  And no meal ever ends without a bowl of cereal, usually made by my roommate, who makes the best cereal combinations at Harvard.

2. List four songs you listen to before games to get pumped up.

Hmmm...there are so many good ones. I've definitely got to say "Eye of the Tiger"  by Survivor (ritual since freshman soccer season in high school),  "Wavin' Flag" by K'naan , "2012" by Jay Sean,, and "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor. Definitely in that order.

3. Favorite team to play against and why?

Definitely Dartmouth. I know a lot of girls on the team, and each game with them has been a nail-biter to the end in my past three years. Also, it’s an Ivy game...every Ivy game is huge!

4. Most ridiculous thing that has taken place in your team's locker room.

There are way too many ridiculous stories that have taken place in our locker room, so I can't say that only one is the best. Capturing a three-legged mouse and making it our team pet has got to be up there, though.

5. Most embarrassing moment you've had on the field.

Usually, if I do something embarrassing, I act like nothing happened so that the opponent doesn't realize what happened and so that I can just move on to the next play as soon as possible. I'm not saying that I haven't had plenty of embarrassing moments...I'm just good at hiding them!

6. Animal that best represents your style of play and why.

I would say that my style of play is like a panther, because I do a lot of quick movements and quick changes of direction.

7. Most ridiculous thing you have heard a fan yell at a game you were playing in.

I just think it is ridiculous when fans from opposing teams chant things about Harvard in a bashing way. I'm sure they wish they had gone to Harvard.

8. If you could play for another sports team at Harvard, which would it be and why?

I would definitely play for the basketball team if I could play for another sports team here. Basketball was my favorite sport growing up and originally the sport I wanted to play in college.  Although I decided to play lacrosse in college instead (which I obviously love!), I miss basketball a lot and would kill to be able to play at the college level.

9. Position you would play in Quidditch.

I should probably know this, but I don't know the Quidditch positions! Attack?

10. If you could go on a date with any professional athlete, who would it be and where would you take him/her?

Ummm gotta say Brady Quinn...and would take him to a Patriots game. I'm sure he'd love that.