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The Full-Court Press: Walter Peppelman '13

The Full-Court Press: Walter Peppelman '13

Men's Basketball

The Full Court Press: Adam Riegel

This week, the Full Court Press REMIX introduces you to sophomore Adam Riegel, a self-described “Superfan” and part of the football cheering core. In addition to his love of being half-naked and cheering on the men’s basketball team, Riegel also enjoys watching Yale and Princeton suffer. Every week, The Full Court Press gives you the sort of personal scoop that you’re not likely to hear at a typical press conference.

Men's Basketball

The Full Court Press: Oliver McNally '12

With the men’s basketball team’s regular season wrapping up at home this weekend against Penn and Princeton, the Back Page gives you an opportunity to meet junior co-captain Oliver McNally, one of the team’s starting guards. In this exclusive interview, McNally reveals his pre-game playlist, a time when he was posterized by a high school player, and his apparent resemblance to a character in “The Social Network.” Every week, The Full-Court Press will give you the sort of personal scoop that you’re not likely to hear at a typical press conference.

Women's Squash

The Full Court Press: Alisha Mashruwala '11

Even though Harvard, the country's No. 2 ranked women’s squash team, is coming off a tough loss to No. 1 ...


The Full-Court Press: Valentin Staller '12

Meet junior Valentin Staller. As a Harvard fencer, Staller had never won an Ivy League championship. But last weekend Staller ...

Women's Crew

The Full Court Press: Liv Coffey '11

Today, February 9th, the sun set at 5:09pm. For most students, this symbolizes the end of those obnoxiously short winter ...

Women's Basketball

The Full-Court Press: Christine Clark '14

With only 3.5 seconds on the clock, Harvard freshman Christine Clark had the ball. She could pass to teammate Brogan ...

Men's Volleyball


Junior Matt Jones has been on star on the men's volleyball team since his freshman year.

Men's Volleyball

The Full-Court Press: Matt Jones '12

As the men’s volleyball team opens its 2011 season with a home match against Newbury tonight at the MAC, the Full Court Press chats with junior co-captain Matt Jones about the wildness of men’s volleyball matches. With Enya and excited fans backing him up, the team’s leading server explains why Princeton should watch out. The California “sex panther” is ready to go.

Men's Ice Hockey

The Full-Court Press: Eric Kroshus '12

This week, The Full-Court Press hits the rink to catch up with Eric Kroshus, a junior forward on the men’s ice hockey team. Even though the squad isn’t having its best season, Kroshus is among its leading scorers.

Women's Swimming

The Full-Court Press: Katherine Pickard '11

This week, The Full-Court Press takes you to Blodgett pool where, after racing against some of the top five schools in the nation earlier this month at the Georgia Invitational, the women’s swim team is back in training mode preparing for the spring season. Leading the charge are seven seniors, including Eliot resident Katherine Pickard.

Women's Lacrosse


Women's lacrosse hopes to rack up the wins this year.

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The Full-Court Press: Women's Lacrosse

1.Typical pre-game meal.

Women's Ice Hockey

The Full-Court Press: Katharine Chute '11

Last Saturday, the Princeton women’s hockey had home-court advantage and a goalie who made 30 saves. Harvard had senior Katharine ...

Men's Basketball

The Full-Court Press: Keith Wright '12

With its first game on Saturday, the men’s basketball team is gearing up for what’s sure to be an eventful ...