The Full-Court Press: Eric Kroshus '12

Published by Steven T. A. Roach on December 21, 2010 at 10:11PM

This week, The Full-Court Press hits the rink to catch up with Eric Kroshus, a junior forward on the men’s ice hockey team. Even though the squad isn’t having its best season, Kroshus is among its leading scorers. One interesting thing to know about Canadian nativeother than the way he pronounces certain wordsis the type of music he enjoys before matches. Learn more about what interesting ideas Eric would have for a date with an Olympic gold-medalist, a popular choice among Harvard male athletes. Finally, which team’s goalie might have some competition for his spot next year? You’ll have to read on to find out.

Name: Eric Kroshus

Year: 2012

Stats: Kroshus is the team's second leading scorer with three goals on the yearto go along with two assists, collected in nine games so far this season.

Now, to the questions!

1.Typical pre-game meal.

Pasta and chicken, and then a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the rink closer to game time.

2. List four songs you listen to before games to get pumped up.

"Put You on the Game"- The Game

"Where My Dogs At?" - DMX

"We R Who We R"- Ke$ha

"Right Now" - Van Halen

"Welcome to Atlanta" (and the remix) - Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris

3. Favorite team to play against and why?

Cornell, because it has the best fans and student support. They throw stuff at us, which makes it fun.

4. Most ridiculous thing that has taken place in your team's locker room.

Before video, our coaches left their computer open, so we switched his background to a picture of our head coach when he was on “The Price is Right.”  Instead of showing once, it flashed quickly like a subliminal message every time he switched video clips. Luckily, he figured out what it was at the end, and everyone laughed about it.

5. Most embarrassing moment you've had on the ice.

When I was six, I was putting on my hockey equipment for the first time with the help of my sister and mother. I was crying the whole time, and my mom had to phone a friend to figure out how to put on the equipment. I remember them being very immature about the can and jock strap.

6. Animal that best represents your style of play and why.

I thought a hawk, but my mom said, “No, that’s the king of birds,” and went on to say I played like a star-nosed mole.

7. Most ridiculous thing you have heard a fan yell at a match.

“Put him in a casket,” after one of the other team’s players was down on the ice injured.

8. If you could play for another sports team at Harvard, which would it be and why?

Soccer goalie. I loved playing goal in any sport growing up, especially soccer.  If it were a varsity sport, Omnikin ball for sure.

9. Position you would play in Quidditch.

Chaser, as it’s pretty similar to forward in hockey.

10. If you could go on a date with any professional athlete, who would it be and where would you take him/her?

Nastia Liukin, and I would take her onto the show "Shaq Vs." She and I would be competing against Shaq in a game of Omnikin ball, and then Shaq and Pinball Clemons would join us at dinner.