A Black Girl’s Thoughts

By Ogechukwu C. Ogbogu

A Bridge into a Black Girl’s Thoughts

Black girl thought is a pent up thought that rumbles in my belly, and I feel overwhelmed by where to start in putting it to words. It’s the convergence of my own experiences with an emerging collective understanding of Black women’s reality; an intersectional understanding of the world we have all been living.

The pandemic has corresponded with new attention to the various issues of anti-Blackness that rampage the world: police brutality and health disparities among countless others. However, being a Black person, a Black woman, living in this day and age, I’m never surprised by what others are finding revelatory. What did surprise me, however, was having my understanding of what I was witnessing and experiencing outwardly communicated — because the divide between myself and the rest of the world can sometimes be invisible and yet so apparent.

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