In the Time of the “China Virus,” Another Contagion: Intolerance

We should remember that tolerance is not just about our prosperity, but also about preventing us from destroying each other. Tolerance itself won't stop the virus, but it is the bare minimum of any successful solution.

When Washing Hands Isn’t Enough

We can change the course of not just the next pandemic, but how we flatten the curve on this one. It isn’t too late as long as we realize that simply washing our hands is not enough of a change in our behavior.

Larry Bacow and the Act of God

As we now finish our semester at home, I think it’s valuable to revisit the decision that University President Lawrence S. Bacow made two weeks ago, asking us to stay home following spring break.

The Cost of Fat-Shaming

A fixation on other people’s weight isn’t just damaging to fat people; it's bad for all of us.

The Right Way to Eat an Oreo

Regardless of whether there is an answer that clearly settles the matter, we should be open to new perspectives, potentialities, and possibilities.

The Myth of Taxpayer Money

If we are serious about getting things done — universal healthcare, basic income, solving climate change — we need to reject the taxpayer money myth in its entirety.

Connection Means More Than Instagram Stories

We can create the same genuine connection and better mental state on social media — we just have to reach out, tune in and connect.

Speaking Up for the Snake

Why are finance and consulting considered exceptionally selfish, worthless professions in the social narrative of the workforce?

Bob Iger’s Disney: A Masterclass in Masscult Pt. I

Too many roads lead to Disney, and not all of them seem paved with gold.

Men Explain Quentin Tarantino to Me

What concessions have to be made to bestow the title of “feminist” upon his films or, alternatively, to take it away?

Football Island: The Hunting Ground for Our Samoan Brothers

While football has undoubtedly provided a pathway towards success and upward mobility for many in our community, we must reevaluate the effects of this dominant narrative of American Samoa as “Football Island."

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