The New Old Solution to Poverty

The movement behind basic income is bigger than any one person, and after all these years, decades, and even centuries, this movement may finally be nearing the mountaintop. I invite you to join us.

6195 Miles Away

I miss home, but I am trying to derive strength from my cherished home to be braver in my endeavors at Harvard.

The Conservative Case for Divestment Protest

The conservatism that I advocate for — the conservatism that supports divestment protest, but not divestment — is rooted in a deep skepticism of the most intractable institutions as well as the best of intentions.

Oh, the Places You Should Go!

While many people will tell you to not let go of a single semester at Harvard, I believe that studying abroad is not only a valuable experience in and of itself, but also makes every other semester at Harvard so much better.

Education or Indigenous Erasure?

The American school system, curriculum, and methodologies for measuring intelligence do not capture the genius of my community.

Transactional Experiences

There is an unintended beauty to free enterprise, and we’ve become so accustomed that we tend to ignore it.

I’m Black But I Am Not A Minority

Fundamentally, there is something in the different ways that black Americans and Africans connect with each other that feels incompatible. The causes of that seem intangible.

I Want To Think Less About Food

I would like to think about what I eat a little less, and I encourage others to do the same.

Dear Elon: There Is No Planet B

There is no Planet B. This fact shouldn’t scare us; instead, it should make us cherish our home on Planet A.

Is a Consulting Job Ever Just a Job?

This tarnishing of McKinsey, being the “best” of the consulting firms, is one that might force Harvard students to contemplate their entire existence.

Tomb of the Unknown Survivor

There are unknown survivors, too, and not just of war, but of a sadly innumerable array of atrocities. Odds are you know a survivor. I am a survivor. The only honor most of us ever get is the time we still have left to live.

America’s Political Divisions Have More To Do With Fox News Than Fake News

Among the many things that Fox News is, it is a model for understanding how partisan journalism functions.

The Ancestor You Will Be

In the age of today, we have a choice in how we will join the ranks of tomorrow — as members of an imperfect world, where people are denied rights in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, you and I are tasked with the responsibility to protest.

Transforming a Community into a Family: What Harvard Could Learn From Home

As far as community building goes, I think that Harvard could learn a lot from Pasefika communities and their dedication to the value of family.

Giving Thanks to Imperfection and Improvement

Most importantly, between finishing the turkey and devouring the apple pie, I will take a moment to give thanks for my ancestors and America — a unique, imperfect, and extraordinary experiment.

Meritocracy and the Harvard Admissions Trial

Something is wrong with a system, meritocratic or otherwise, where we funnel 18 year old kids into different walks of life largely on the basis of innumerable factors out of their control.

Healthcare for Some

I will assert that Harvard could do better and start by adding dental coverage for all students in their health care package. Beyond the University though, that’s a decision we have yet to see play out — just be sure to stay healthy while you wait.

Thanksgiving at the Kong: Seeking Discomfort

There was something wrong with every part of that night. But we found a way to have unforgettable Thanksgiving, and it didn’t cost a dime.

When Discipline Becomes Silence

It is our place to speak, whether it’s about what we are struggling with or what we don’t agree with. Having respect, discipline, and appreciation in everything we do is not mutually exclusive with speaking up.

I: FLOAT (pt. 3)

Behind him, she can see the reflected moon, the wide and languorous shores of darkness surrounding it, broken only by pinpricks of diffused light. What she sees — solitary glimmerings in the distance — are stars still in the past. In the millions of miles between them and her, time has aged, transformed from past to present.

Sounding the Alarm: Turning Science into Symphony

As the climate crisis accelerates, this science-to-sound movement may play an increasingly valuable role: Music can offer scientists, vital authorities on climate change, a new pathway for public expression.

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