We Will Overcome: The Part of Black People You Can’t Choke

To honor our brothers George and Ahmaud, our sister Breonna, and all that came before them, we cannot, as a black community, lose hope in the face of America’s seemingly permanent systemic racism.

Supporting Everything Black Is Stupid

The way we can prevent the need for painful revisions of our perfect and simple histories is to write them with a nuanced perspective in real-time.

What Coronavirus Should Tell Us about How We Eat Meat

The way we eat meat is unsustainable; the pandemic is just making that irresponsibility more obvious.

The Illogical Case for Space

I urge my fellow space enthusiasts to recognize that our passion is not shared by everyone; in response, we should always be looking for cheaper and more efficient ways to carry out the big goals that we would love to see accomplished.

Courting Controversy

If used in the right platforms with the right intentions, controversial conversations can become necessary guards of truth.

Breaking Down the Scarcity Mindset

We must understand that investing in people is never a waste — not only do we have the resources to provide for everyone, but also we will get far more out of it than we put in.

The Right to Demand a Haircut

Within these “liberate” protests I see what is best about American democracy — the right for the individual to be completely wrong about what is good for themselves and for the community.

We The Women

In the age of feminism, a conversation has emerged not only on what is required to be a proper advocate for gender equality but also on what it means to be a woman, period.

A Fall of Discontent?

If the University believes that an outbreak is possible at all in the fall, its best decision is to start school online. Harvard can’t wait this out, because no one in the world knows when it’ll end.

One Giant Beep for Mankind

Humans will need to play a backseat role to machines in the coming decades of space exploration. If we want to advance science as safely, cheaply, and efficiently as possible, it’s time that we welcome our new robot overlords.

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