By Alexander Junxiang Chen

Identity Is Forever Fluid

In last Thursday’s edition of the Financial Times, I came across an intriguing Letter to the Editor.

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Who Cares About Aesthetics?

Perhaps one of the most consistent and ubiquitous forms of oral human tradition is the humble proverb. These snippets of collective wisdom are found globally, thriving due to their naked simplicity in communication and comprehension. Folk sayings like “a watched pot never boils” are designed to convey moral lessons that are often too difficult or time-consuming to describe literally.

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AI Is No Threat to Art

In Jorge Luis Borges’ single-paragraph tale “Del rigor en la ciencia,” the Argentine short-story writer envisions a mythical kingdom where “the art of cartography attained such perfection” that its ruler decided to construct a map identical in both size and shape to the realm itself. In this fictional land, reality and its reconstruction became one and the same.

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The Interesting Thing About Interest

In addition to his famous quip about “death and taxes” that seems to roam around the interwebs every year come mid-April, Benjamin Franklin’s whimsical monetary musings also extend to something else that strikes fear into all who hear it spoken of: debt.

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Open Spaces

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,

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