Harvard’s Hidden Hypocrisies

By Adelaide E. Parker

Fixing Fraud in College Admissions

When sophomore Adam B. Wheeler transferred to Harvard in 2007, he seemed like a model student. His application said he’d graduated from Phillips Academy at Andover and earned perfect grades as a freshman at MIT.

As a Harvard student, Wheeler claimed to have maintained straight As and said he helped author six books. During his three years at the College, Wheeler won over $40,000 in grants and prizes — including the Hoopes Prize, a prestigious award given for undergraduate theses. His senior year, he applied for the Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships and seemed on track to earn Harvard’s endorsement for both.

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Harvard Should Step in Before Its Next Student Financial Scandal

It’s a classic Harvard story. An intrepid undergraduate joins a campus club. Immediately, they realize how valuable the Harvard brand is. They watch their club draw in tens of thousands of dollars from Harvard-labeled sponsorships, performances, or high school conferences. They climb the club’s ranks until they’re put in charge of these finances themselves.

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