Hopes and Hypocrisies

By Vanessa B. Hu

Let’s Dance Together! Bridging Cultural Siloes on Campus

I like to dance. But I have been met with amused bafflement at my two dance-related decisions on campus, from friends and strangers alike: one, my recent choice to join Candela, Harvard’s Latin social dance group, and two, the fact that I have not once been in the Asian-American Dance Troupe since I “seem like I’d be in AADT.”

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Work It Like Gen Z

I’ll admit: It’s heartwarming to see the found families formed in workplace dramas, from “The Office” to “Brooklyn 99.” Who wouldn’t want a boss like Michael Scott?

But in real life? I don’t want that. After a few internships in big tech, where I felt overextended to the detriment of my own well-being, I now am content not draining myself of my passion, goodwill, and time for a company driven by profit and self-interest, no matter how many free lattes they give me or how “friendly” or “family-like” the culture is.

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We’re (Not) Body-Inclusive

A few years ago, just as many were getting fit during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was doing my best not to.

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Is This an Asian Story?

Meet our fictional protagonist, Kelly. She helps start a magazine, an Asian one. (She’s Chinese-American).

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