Lucas T. Gazianis

By Lucas T. Gazianis

Sections Are Way Too Big

Months ago, a friend wrote me the following, which became the basis for this entire column: “I am graduating with a decent GPA and I know barely anything about economics. Seriously, almost nothing. I’m not joking when I say you could learn what I know with three textbooks and three months of time.”

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Addressing Harvard’s Attention Crisis

Every so often in lecture, I open a new tab in my browser and see a set of bookmarks — including Duolingo, the HUDS menu, and The Crimson. As a result, I’m always one click away from a captivating article or a quick Greek lesson — not to mention my Notification Center, home to all my texts, emails, and news alerts, ensuring that my attention is divided even when I don’t want it to be.

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The Market for Gems: How Harvard Courses Got So Easy

If you navigate to, you’ll find a list of “the best gems” Harvard has to offer.

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