Science n’ Tradition

By Sandhya Kumar

Why Networks Net-Work

In popular media, like the film “The Social Network,” Harvard is portrayed as a hub for networking. Students flock to career fairs to connect with top companies while fielding numerous LinkedIn requests from peers — happily accepting them all in case we truly are speaking with the next Mark Zuckerburg.

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The Uncompromisable Eight Hours

If you walk into Lamont Library at 4 a.m., you will likely find many resolute Harvard students finishing essays, working on problem sets, or cramming for exams. These are the Lamonsters. Lamonsters are a special breed of student intent on taking advantage of Lamont Library’s 24-hour availability, and clearly willing to compromise on spending time on other seemingly unimportant things in life, like sleep.

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Why I Call Home(Sickness)

I FaceTime my entire family every day. I often get surprised looks when I tell my peers this fact; they frequently claim that’s too much communication. The thing is, I may suffer from the disease of homesickness.

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Caffeine Culture

Growing up, my parents always told me caffeine was bad for you.

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