By E. Matteo Diaz

To Be a Harvard Man

When I tell someone I write a column for The Harvard Crimson, they always ask the same thing: “What’s it about?”

I’m always expecting this — it’s the natural, inevitable follow-up question. And still, I hesitate, my mouth drying up, the answer caught somewhere in my throat.

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Everyone Should Be Allowed To Speak on Trans Issues

Harvard has not stopped talking about free speech — more specifically, our ostensible lack of it.

Who is to blame for our campus’s failing speech culture? Some fault institutional DEI initiatives and the advocates who champion them.

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I’m Trans, and My Gender Is a Choice. So Is Yours.

What if I told you that being transgender is a choice?

If you already feel apprehensive, I don’t blame you. Conservative actors have long leveraged similar rhetoric to delegitimize and attack the trans community. They are wrong to suggest that being trans is made-up.

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