Supporters of the campaign of the Undergraduate Council President and President-Elect will be reveling in the glory of their contested victory today in the Pfoho Bell Tower, according to a Facebook invitation.

President-elect John F. Bowman ‘11 begins his behest, which feels like a pep-talk, by quoting Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, but adding his own twist to it—proclaiming that he and his running-mate will be “celebrating with a vengeance” tonight.

Bowman goes on some lessons to be discussed during the revelry, poking fun at the allegations of vote-tampering that hounded Vice-President elect Eric N. Hysen '11, recommending that “if you rig an election, makes sure you win by more than just 45 votes. It should be at least 60.”

Another hard-earned lesson from a ticket hardened by the campaign: "If you stand in front of the science center for 10 days straight, make sure you bring more than one mix CD. Better yet, stand next to the Asian American Brotherhood. Their iPod is limitless and their speakers are fabulous. Quite fabulous." More on the party after the jump.

Apparently, Bowman’s status as UC President-elect and the copious amount of liquor that will surely be available at the Pfoho Bell Tower may attract more than just students to tonight’s bacchanal.

“Dean Hammonds, President Faust, and Reverend Gomes will hopefully make an appearance, so come before they drink all the booze,” Bowman advised partygoers.

“It’s sure to be the biggest Bell Tower party of the year, this will be the real Bowman/Hysen victory celebration we have been waiting for,” said Christopher A. Devine ’13, freshmen outreach coordinator for the Bowman/Hysen campaign.