Monkey Business at Yale

If you're in New Haven, watch out for this one.
If you're in New Haven, watch out for this one.

Yalies were treated to an uneasy awakening on Thursday morning as students were alerted via e-mail of dangerous escaped lab monkeys on campus. The bulletin, purportedly from Yale University Police Department (yup, they call it YUPD) Chief James A. Perrotti, warned of five loose rhesus monkeys carrying the dangerous "Motaba virus."

Yale's Cross Campus blog has the full story, which they dismiss as an obvious prank, but we're not so sure. Open-list emails on this campus are rejecting the YDN's parallels to 1995's Outbreak and betraying fears of a 28 Days Later scenario instead.

We e-mailed "Chief Perrotti" over 24 hours ago and have yet to receive a response. Meanwhile, Elis were last heard predicting "THE ENDTIMES" on Facebook. Are there no survivors? Is New Haven finally living up to its post-apocalyptic aesthetic?

As always we welcome pictures and first-person accounts if anyone's barricaded over there right now:

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