Apparently, Harvard’s resident porn magazine for the sexy, the sex-addicted, and the sex-deprived is still lacking the funds needed for the printing of its highly-anticipated and highly-delayed fourth issue.

H Bomb, founded in 2004, has been titillating students as the student body’s “journal of sex and sexuality,” according to the organization's official website. However, this pending issue will only be the fourth in nearly five years, since recurring financial issues have hindered the mag’s timely production.

In an e-mail recently sent out by H Bomb editors, this issue is just inches away from delivering:

We're sorry to spam, but we have another plea! We made almost all the money we needed to publish our issue coming out May 1st. We only need $300 more. We just want to remind students that this year's magazine will cost $10 a copy, so if you order it before it comes out, you help us print the magazine and get your paying done well before we start selling out.

Granted, there are pictures of naked people. And not just any naked people. Naked Harvard people. Like that kid who sits next to you in section. Yeah, him. But really, during a period in which everyone lacks financial stability, that $10 could go toward a lot of more, well, substantial things. Like a trip to Wellesley and back! Could be more or less satisfying, depending on personal taste.

Are students willing to fork out the cash for some good-natured voyeurism? FlyBy had to find out. You can, too, after the jump!

Rick McKellar ’10

FlyBy: Do you read or have you ever read H Bomb?

RM: I have seen H Bomb, but do not read it for its articles.

FlyBy: How much would you pay to see your classmates naked?

RM: I would not pay to see my classmates naked.  They could pay me to look at them I guess, although this probably would not help their financial situation.

FlyBy: H Bomb is currently in a financial crunch. They need $10 donations from people to pre-order their magazines. Would you do it? Why/why not?

RM: I am not interested in buying H Bomb.  I think naked pictures of our classmates should either be free, or not distributed at all.

Serena Y. Zhao ’12

FlyBy: Would you be willing to donate $10 for an issue of H Bomb?