Yes We Can (Get a Job)

Change we believe in
Change we believe in

Yes, seniors,  we know.  If you're not doing TFA or on the receiving end of a super-sweet fellowship, the prospect of gainful employment seems, at this point, to be always receding ahead of you, like a particularly painful mirage.

But guess what? Barack's got your back! As Lily Whiteman points out, the federal government is hiring like woah.You too can "Ride the Federal Hiring Wave."

Finance? Journalism? The job you get after you concentrate in Folklore & Mythology?

A government answer to all of these fields--the fruits of the jump.

Want to be a financial analyst in New York, yet at the same time "ensure equal access to education and...promote educational excellence throughout the nation? Work for the Department of Education!

Want to be a journalist, but realize that newspapers are going to stop printing not too long from...oops!...there goes another one...Never fear: you can be a broadcaster for Voice of America if you have language skills, or work as an editorial assistant for the Air Force if you don't.

Not to mention the extensive offerings in museum curation and being a folklife specialist.

All credit goes to Harvard's Office of Career Services, who included Whiteman's article in small print in their weekly "OCS-class-of-2009-&-alumni" e-mail list. Always read to the end, kids!

Photo from Wikimedia Commons/Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas, Texas


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