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Addendum to "Kids Who Would Be King"

About a year ago, I e-mailed one of my classmates for an article about Harvard students with political ambitions. He wasn’t sure he wanted to be interviewed, so we talked about the article on the phone. He told me it was stupid for college kids to speculate about their political careers.

Only at Harvard

Best of this weekend's house list appeals: "Would anybody be willing to trade a Petraeus ticket for a Dalai Lama

Building Character for 'Angels in America'

CORRECTION APPENDED A little more “fabulous.” A little less “fabulous.” During his first rehearsals, Jonah C. Priour ’09 kept dialing

Angels in America: Playing Joe Pitt

First staged in the early 1990s, Tony Kushner's epic drama "Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes," was a groundbreaking depiction of what it means to be gay in America--as well as an instant classic. This week, The Crimson interviews the four lead male actors of the current Harvard production--three straight, one gay--about what it means to play a gay man in "Angels in America." In this video, Alex R. Breaux '09, who plays a closeted Mormon Republican lawyer, talks about what he learned from confronting his discomfort with kissing a guy on stage. CORRECTION: Gus Hickey is a member of the class of 2011, not, 2010