A wise man we made up once said that the best class is the class you don't have to go to. Who knew Harvard would take his advice and let professors videotape courses and post them online? Not that we're complaining.

Before we get to our list, here's what happened today. In Science A-35: "The Energetic Universe," we heard the professor unleashed his wrath blowtorch-style—that's right, he lit up a blowtorch. We also heard that Professor Steven E. Ozment handed out copies of his book Protestants: The Birth of a Revolution to those shopping his class. Sure, it's no blowtorch, but getting a book for free instead of doling out hundreds of dollars at the Coop is certainly good enough news for us.

And now for the videos—er, we mean classes.

1. Statistics 104: "Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Economics"

Means, medians, graphs, variances, tests, and a whole bunch of Greek letters—both in person and on video. | M., W., F.  11 or 1. Link.

2. English 173: "Southern Literature and Culture in the United States"

Gone With the Wind is a movie. This class has movies. | M., W. 11. Link.

3. Government 1295: "Comparative Politics in Latin America"

Why you wouldn't want to go to a lecture by Professor Steven R. Levitsky beats us, but if your weekday afternoons are booked, this course offers you a mobile option. | M., W. 1-2:30. Link.

4. Life Sciences 1b: "An Integrated Introduction to the Life Sciences: Genetics, Genomics, and Evolution"

Thank you, Harvard, for video taping one of the largest classes here. We like, recognize, and appreciate. | Tu., Th. 10-11:30. Link.

5. Science of Living Systems 20: "Psychological Science"

Okay, we're cheating. There's only one lecture on video, but if you didn't get enough psychology on the screen when watching "Hannibal," you can watch that video again and again. | M., W. 1-2:30. Link.