A Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Well-Being

By Flyby Blog

Harvard likes the wicked smart kids, but it likes them more when they’re happy and healthy. With the new school year well underway (and midterms slowly creeping up) you may start to feel overwhelmed.

In lieu of the recent Rutgers tragedy, we wanted to point out some resources you can turn to if you’re depressed, looking for someone to talk to, or just want some cool advice on tackling tests or time management.

The Bureau of Study Counsel offers both personal and academic counseling, tutors (Harvard will split the cost for the first ten hours), and a sweet database of tips and tricks to tackle school and student life.

Harvard Health Services offers an assortment of support groups, peer counseling, and mental health services.  Particularly if you’re struggling with a mental health emergency, alcohol or drug issues, or need other intensive counseling or assistance, Health Services is a good resource to turn to.

Mental Health Services—where you can receive consultations, assessments, and medication management—is covered by UHS insurance.

But if you feel more comfortable talking to your peers, Harvard has an abundance of student run counseling groups. Room 13 is confidential and aims to maintain a “supportive and sympathetic ear” where you can talk about anything on your mind in a non-judgmental environment. It’s open seven nights a week from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. in the basement of Thayer.

Other groups include Echo and the PCC.

If you need a place to realign your Chi, the Center for Wellness is a new addition to UHS that provides yoga workshops, massages, and acupuncture to help melt that stress away.

Or you can take advantage of one of the many meditation groups that meet every week on Harvard’s campus.

Whatever your worries, Harvard is here to help. Watch out for those you think may need help (you can refer a fellow student if you’re concerned), and lets ensure that everyone has an enjoyable college experience.

Photo by Kathryn C. Reed '13/Crimson Staff Photographer.


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