An incident in Quincy House this weekend gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “door droppings.”

Quincy resident Charles W. Li '12 checked the dropbox outside his room Sunday evening and said he saw what he thought was a black T-shirt. Taking a closer look at the mysterious delivery, he said was hit by “an overwhelming stench” and the realization that the item in his dropbox was not a T-shirt—it was a soiled pair of men’s underwear.

“It was chunky,” Li’s roommate Duncan J. Watts '12 said of the underwear’s contents, which Li disposed of with his hand safely sheltered within a plastic bag.

Li said that he and his roommates had not looked in their dropbox since the previous day, and he said he presumed that the surprise was left by a Saturday night partygoer.

“I have two possibilities,” he said. “I assume it’s a drunk guy. Either he was in somebody’s room nearby, and he ran outside and put it in our dropbox. Or he just took off his underwear in the hallway.”

He added that some friends have asked him whether he has any enemies who might have left a little brown gift in his dropbox. Li’s response: “Even if I did, I’m pretty sure they would have enough self-respect not to soil themselves in the hallway.”

Li and Watts agreed that they’ll probably never learn who the crap culprit is, even though Li sent an e-mail over the Quincy House list asking, “How are you in college and not toilet-trained?” and advising the poopy perpetrator to “Please get some diapers.”

“If a guy was trashed enough to do something like this, then I don’t think he’ll remember doing this,” Li said. He’s given up on finding the offender since, in his words, “I assume it will be a one-time occurrence.”

Photo courtesy of GeeJo under CC-BY-SA 3.0.