In addition to the fun and excitement that the Harvard-Yale rivalry always brings to Cambridge, The Game brought "a shitload of nerds together" in the words of Fox Sports. Fox compiled a four-minute montage which highlighted some quirky antics of students from both schools as they interacted with reporter Bob Oschack at the tailgate.

The video, entitled "Geeks Gone Wild II," demonstrated students' pre-Game energy while revealing some of their nerdier pastimes. In the spirit of the competition happening inside the stadium, Oschack kept score to determine which school was nerdiest. Harvard took the prize.

Fox Sports released the first installment in the "Geeks Gone Wild" series last year, after covering the Game in New Haven. Alexander M. Ma '13 said he jumped at the chance to be in this year's video when he recognized Oschack from the year before.

During his television appearance, Ma articulately explained the convoluted end of the popular TV show Lost, demonstrating his geeky side.

"My friends thought it was pretty funny," Ma said. "I am a huge Lost fan, so I was lucky that he asked me that question."

Yohannes C. Constable '12 also demonstrated his ability to think quickly on his feet by rattling off answers to trivia questions fired at him by Oschack.

"I watch Jeopardy! all the time," Constable said. "I actually got eight in a row right, but I kept cursing so he had to cut some of it."

Constable acknowledged that the two schools' nerdy reputation is perhaps well-deserved.

"I thought most of the kids in the video were goobers," Constable said.