The Game

HY 7

Students Rally During Harvard-Yale Spirit Week for 'Payback Time'

Spirit Week kicked off with a Chili Cook-Off in the Science Center Plaza and will close out Friday night with the dance party, “HYsteria,” which is open to all Harvard and Yale undergraduates.

Fenway Park

University Police, Health Services Chiefs Caution Students to Stay Safe Ahead of Harvard-Yale Game

Boston Police will have primary jurisdiction in the areas surrounding Fenway Park, while Harvard Police will be stationed on the University’s campuses during the Game.

Flyby Blog

Your Guide to Gameday Events

Check out what's in store for the school-sponsored student gatherings.

Yale Posters

Thoughts Yale Students Have on The Game

"Honestly, I’m a little concerned about how it’ll go..."

Quincy Sophomore Common Room

How to Be the Hostess with the Mostest this Harvard-Yale

For five-star service, provide a futon and a barf bucket.

Bleacher Bar Fenway
Food and Drink

The Best Drunk Food Near Fenway

You won't have to stumble far for pre- or post-game eats.


Keeping your Optimal Buzz at Zero: How to Be a Sober Friend at Harvard-Yale

Feel free to be the sober friend: you can still have fun (and CapriSun) even if your optimal buzz is zero.

MIT Prank

Harvard-Yale: Somehow, It Always Gets Weirder

Check out some of the weirdest happenings at The Game over the years and feel slightly validated that at least you (hopefully) didn’t strangle a papier-mâché bulldog before the game.

Harvard-Yale Spirit Week Events

Get H-Ype About the CEB’s Harvard-Yale Spirit Week

We sum up the highlights of the CEB's planned events for this week. It's Payback Time!

Harvard-Yale Tickets

Flyby's Guide to Harvard-Yale 2018

Flyby has the scoop on this year's atypical Fenway Harvard-Yale. Check back throughout the week for more posts!

Economics 10 textbook

What Ec10a Can Teach Us About Harvard-Yale

Think Harvard-Yale is a chance to escape academics? Think again. There’s no escaping Ec 10a.

Fenway Park

Harvard Says Amnesty Policy Will Be In Effect at Harvard-Yale Game

The College’s amnesty policy — which grants intoxicated students under 21 exemption from punishment in certain cases — will be in effect during the Harvard-Yale football game at Fenway Park on Nov. 17.

Harvard-Yale Tickets
The Game

Harvard-Yale Tickets

This year has seen a spike in student attempts to sell their tickets to the Harvard-Yale football game.

Harvard-Yale Tickets
On Campus

Spike in Harvard-Yale Ticket Scalping Spurs Rebuke from Resident Deans

So many students have tried to resell their tickets to the Harvard-Yale football game this year — a violation of Athletics Department policy — that some resident deans are now admonishing undergrads over internal email lists.

Harvard-Yale Petition

Hundreds of Students Petition to Hold Tailgates On Campus Ahead of Harvard-Yale

More than 700 Harvard students and affiliates have signed a petition calling for the Harvard-Yale tailgate to be held in the athletics complex in the hours before The Game on Nov. 17, and not in a proposed space near Fenway Park.