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For those who like returning home to tranquility, a good dinner, and a loving community, Currier is the House for you. Though the decor is less than postcard-worthy—yes, we do have cinder blocks—postcards generally don’t make the best of living spaces. Singles abound in Currier (both the person and room variety), and everything is under one roof—as should be the case in a House—so you never have to deal with any of the entryway alphabet soup that forces you out into the cold rain in order to get to the dining hall. (Take that, River Houses.) Described in a few words, Currier is unpretentious, comfortable, and airy—all in all, a great place to live.

Dining Hall: Currier's food is pretty much unanimously acknowledged to be the best on campus, earning Currier five stars. Unlike the Adams servery dungeon where the scent of yesterday’s congealed Cajun chicken wafts over today’s pot of baked beans, Currier’s servery is fresh, airy, and always musical (the d-hall staff always has the radio on). Special dishes are served at dinner fairly frequently, and the phenomenal dining hall staff is always willing to bring out whatever isn’t out front. This last point should be emphasized: Currier’s dining hall staff is out of this world. As for brain break, though it may be decimated by 10 p.m., rye bread and grape jelly are always by the toaster for those returning late from Lamont.

Score: +1 million for amazing food

Common Spaces: Currier is chock full of secret rooms, comfy chairs, and plenty of places to lounge. Behind the dining hall is the Matthew Strominger Room; off the main hallway are the Bingham Living Room, the Poker Room, and the Treehouse, all of which can be reserved for events with very little hassle. Ping pong, air hockey, and pool are frequently played on the tables outside the d-hall. Many suites boast kitchens, and we must not forget the Fishbowl, a large multi-purpose room right at the entrance of Currier that is the Hell of "Heaven and Hell," home base for stein clubs, and a favorite TV-watching spot for many.

Score: +50 for a variety of rooms, +25 for fun stuff to do

Rooms: Seventy percent of sophomores are placed in singles, and there are never mice, roaches, or awkward walkthroughs. How does the Quad sound now? Though the notion is an odd one, many Currier singles are connected to each other by “sink rooms,” which are exactly what they sound like. As for exciting upperclassman housing, Currier boasts the 10-(wo)man, several solariums (complete with balconies that wrap around the house and provide a view of the Boston skyline), and several suite concoctions. And don’t worry about lugging your bags up nine flights of stairs when you move in: Currier has elevators. Props for being post-bellum.

Score: +100 for the abundance of singles

House spirit: Currier residents love Currier House. It’s pretty simple. The Currier House Committee is wild. They planned House bowling in August and House ice skating in February. Stein clubs, always packed, have themes ranging from Kindergarten to Camping, and the House list is extremely active. CurrierWire digest might be the way to go for the spam-intolerant, as people have been known to unsubscribe. The mascot, Woody the Tree, is beloved for his arboreal wonder. If you live here, you will love it too.

Score: +40 for fun events, +30 for a fun e-mail list, -25 for the spam

Location: Currier has many perks, but location is not one of them. The House is in the Quad, and that is a fact Currier residents embrace out of necessity. However, the shuttle does pick up and drop off people at Currier’s porch, so if the shuttle is your preferred mode of transportation, it’s a pretty painless process to get to the Yard. To get to Sever Hall, hop off the Shuttle at Garden Street, and you can be in class in about 12 minutes after leaving your room. CVS is about 10 minutes away. Alternatively, there is a Rite Aid in Porter Square a few blocks from the Quad itself. And despite what River dwellers may insist when you want them to come visit you, the walk isn’t bad at all. In fact, on a nice day, it’s quite lovely—and just far enough to listen to two and a half songs on your iPod.

Score: -1,000 for being in the Quad, +800 for still having a bunch of places close by

Quirks: Like to dance? Currier has its own studio. Like yoga? Classes get e-mailed out in our newsletter. Like drawing nudes? The Office for the Arts offers a figure drawing class in Currier. Like meeting famous professors in your House? Attend events held by our temporarily departing House Masters, biological anthropology Professor Richard W. Wrangham and Elizabeth A. Ross, for Currier Conversations.

Score: +20 for a set of really sweet perks

Committee Rank: 8 out of 12, a respectable place in the top 75 percent.

Our Rankings So Far:

8. Currier

9. Leverett

10. Dunster

11. Cabot

12. Winthrop

Photo by Sharon Kim '12, Crimson Staff Photographer.

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