With Commencement coming up next week, seniors are making the most of their last few days as Harvard undergraduates. So what do these soon-to-be alumni have to say about their time as college students? We asked graduating seniors to answer four different questions about their Harvard experiences, and over the next few days, we'll be letting you know what they had to say.

What do you wish you had done as a Harvard student?

"Taken advantage of study abroad, taken more classes in areas I was interested in, and joined more student activity groups."

Rafi R. Kazi '10

"Sex in the stacks."

Khoa T. Tran '10

"I wish I had found an excuse to go into Houghton library and look at old stuff."

Emily M. Martorano '10

"I wish I had not taken any core classes to fulfill my core requirement."

Aubrey M. Chamberlain '10

"Joined a single sex social organization."

Lisa E. Gingold '10

"Study abroad."

Sam L. Rosenberg '10

"Well, I have not yet done any of the three things, but I may try to amend that before I graduate."

Walter B. Klyce III '10

"I wish I'd spent time abroad or taken time off. One of the two."

Matthew S. Garcia '10

"Taken more random classes."

Diane B. de Gramont '10

Photo by Maria Y. Xia/The Harvard Crimson.

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