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This week, we asked graduating seniors to answer four different questions about their Harvard experiences: yesterday, we inquired about their regrets. Here's the second installment of their reflections.

Twenty years from now, what will you remember most about your college experience?

"The long nights, in both a good and bad sense."

Daniel D. B. Koll '10

"All the House events, winning the Straus cup, hanging out with people."

Michael B. Kaehler '10

"Large bowls of punch, amazing blockmates, losing my clothes at my own parties, and a fabulous education."

Amol K. Jain '10

"The people I met! It's so true. Harvard's full of really interesting, awesome people."

Natasa Kovacevic '10

"Being in Glee Club. And my roommates."

Miles W. Canaday '10

"Forties Thursdays."

Anne G. Montgomery '10

"Hungover brunch at Annenberg, winter formals at the Westin and the Harvard Club, dinners in Leverett with the blockmates, of course Eleganza and the Eleganza family."

Nicholas J. Navarro '10

"The Lowell bells."

Sophie M. Alexander '10

Photo by Maria Y. Xia/The Harvard Crimson.

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