We would be remiss not to pass judgment on the recent trailer created by Harvard Public Affairs and Communications about the First-Year Outdoor Program. While FOP leaders talk about rain washing out their trips during their week-long voyages into the forest, we really, really wished that the rain had washed away this video, too.

If the dialogue weren't bland enough, the compilation of photos in the slideshow shows perhaps the most hackneyed clips of random Harvard freshmen trekking through the woods. Simply put, we hope that there were more exciting things that happened on this trip than, well, walking.

While FOP might include exciting adventures in the wilderness and romantic evenings under the stars, this video, unfortunately, fails to capture any of those great traits. So in short, if shopping period stress is keeping you up, we suggest you turn to this video if you need to fall asleep before your 8 a.m. seminar the next day.

Photo courtesy of Urban/Wikimedia Commons.