A Glimpse of 'Tent City'

Across the street from the Federal Reserve Bank in the middle of Boston's financial district, an unusual cityscape has sprouted. Neat rows of brightly-colored tents, waving banners, and scrawled posters now command the green space in Dewey Square, and serve as one of the central meeting places for the Occupy Boston movement.

The little metropolis of around one hundred tents is well-organized, with individual shelters dedicated to food, medical care, logistical information, media, and meditation. Protesters and curious passerby alike pick their way between the muddy rows, greeted by welcoming calls from those within.

So far, the protest has been markedly more serene than protests in New York for Occupy Wall Street, where over 700 participants were arrested over the course of a single day.

"I want to insert peace into the process of achieving peace," said Robin J. Lutjohann, a helper in the meditation tent and student at Harvard Divinity School.

"We need something more than just another rally."


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