Mass. Closes Restaurants for Dining In, Bans Gatherings of 25 or More

Massachusetts Governor Charlie D. Baker ’79 ordered all restaurants and bars to close on-premise consumption beginning Tuesday, marking one of the most drastic measures yet taken by the state to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

In Super Tuesday Surprise, Biden Wins Massachusetts Democratic Primary

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. pulled off a shocking victory in the Massachusetts Democratic primary Tuesday, where he finished ahead of United States Senators Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Tuesday.

Mass. Department of Transportation Updates Allston Residents on Infrastructure Plan

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation and Fiscal and Management Control Board held a meeting on Feb. 10 to update Allston residents and address public concern surrounding its ten-year infrastructure plan for the area.

For Eighth Year in a Row, Harvard Fails to Meet Boston PILOT Program Request

For the eighth consecutive year, Harvard’s financial contribution to the City of Boston fell short of the amount city officials requested as part of a program in which nonprofits voluntarily give funds to the city instead of paying taxes.

PILOT Program

Boston's PILOT, or 'payment in lieu of taxes,' program encourages medical, educational, and cultural institutions to make voluntary contributions to make up for the fact they they are exempt from property taxes.

Harvard Expands into Allston

Harvard’s development in the Boston neighborhood of Allston has brought Harvard administrators, professors, and students face-to-face with a myriad of challenges, from the logistics of moving classes across the river to pushback from Allston residents.

Harvard Allston Land Company Names 'Preferred Developer' for Enterprise Research Campus

Tishman Speyer will serve as the “preferred developer” for the initial phase of Harvard’s Enterprise Research Campus in Allston, according to a Thursday morning press release from the Harvard Allston Land Company.

Inaugural Social Justice Hackathon Highlights Local Activists

Harvard Kennedy School Professor Cornell W. Brooks and Boston activist and organizer Monica Cannon-Grant spoke about how to fight for social justice in the United States at the William Monroe Trotter Collaborative for Social Justice’s inaugural Social Justice Hackathon Friday.

Federal Highway Administrators Present at MassPike Project Meeting

In the meeting, officials went over a draft of an environmental impact scoping report for the $1.1 billion project, which will lower the Mass. Turnpike to ground level in Allston and elevate Soldiers Field Road along the Charles River onto a new viaduct.

Data Equity Bill

Filed by Representative Tackey Chan, the Data Equity Bill mandates state agencies to collect additional racial demographic data by giving survey takers the option to further specify their racial identity

Carla Martin

Carla D. Martin is the founder and executive director of the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute and a lecturer in African and African American Studies at Harvard University.

Character Panel at LeakyCon

Stanislav Yanevski ("Victor Krum"), Dan Fogler ("Jacob Kowalski"), Luke Youngblood ("Lee Jordan"), Louis Cordite ("Blaise Zabini"), and Chris Rankin ("Percy Weasley") sit on a panel reminiscing fondly about behind the scenes shenangians of the Harry Potter film series.

Wandmaker at LeakyCon

Lisa B. Laslo and her husband Greg E. Laslo opened the Hungarian Wand Shop after he carved a wand for his nephew. Their endeavour has taken them around the world selling hand-carved wands, currently attending their 9th LeakyCon.

"Queenie" and "Newt Scamander" at LeakyCon

Dank G. Marletto and Jay McDougall, cosplaying as Queenie Goldstein and Newt Scamander, have attended numerous LeakyCon over the past few years, Marletto noting "Harry Potter is home. It's where I found that I just belong".

Bronwyn: The Best of the Wurst

While you mop up the remaining vestiges of the sauerkraut with the last of the chunks of potato, take another chance to appreciate the beautiful decor of the room and how perfectly the tastes, sounds, and sights of the cozy space have collided into each other.

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