Chocolate That's Actually Good for Teeth


The undergraduate student body at Harvard may be diverse, but most of us like chocolate, and most of us also like saving the world. Sounds like we are the perfect market for a group of students who areĀ selling chocolate bars to help fund medical supplies that they will bring to Honduras on a January trip.

The 26-student group is part ofĀ the Harvard Undergraduate Global Health Forum. They plan toĀ set up a dental clinic and provide other medical aid in Honduras.

Edirin E. Sido '14, who said she wants to become a dentist so that she can promote oral hygiene in her parents' native Nigeria, is eagerly selling candy and looking forward to the trip.

"If you don't take care of [a small dental problem], it can get worse and you can have a really big problem," Sido said, noting thatĀ there are just 0.57 physicians per 1000 people in Honduras.

To purchase the $1 chocolate bars and contribute to the purchase of medical supplies, email Sido atĀ

This post has been revised to reflect the following the corrections:

CORRECTION: October 27, 2011

An earlier version of the October 26 post "Chocolate That's Actually Good for Teeth" misidentified the number of students going on the trip. Twenty-six students are, in fact, going on the Harvard Undergraduate Global Health Forum-sponsored trip.

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