Occupying Harvard Online


Occupy Harvard's Media and Outreach team has launched a website intended to facilitate communication between occupiers and the rest of Harvard community. The website includes a statement of purpose, a frequently asked questions section, and an online forum meant to function as an "electronic general assembly."

In addition to the site, Occupy Harvard maintains a frequently-updated Twitter feed.

The website and the Twitter feed are meant to clarify the occupation's goals and to enable a dialogue between participants and students for whom the occupation's message is unclear.

"We want to give people the ability to access basic information about us and find a way of interacting with us," said Nathaniel W. Donahue '15, a member of the Media and Outreach team. "The goal is to give people a way of understanding what we're about and what's going on with us."

In addition to online platforms, Occupy Harvard recently set up an information desk just outside the tent city and encourages people with questions to stop by.

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