It's after Thanksgiving and there is one thing on many minds. No, not reading period or finals—formals.

If you have the urge to relive awkward high school style formal dates or are feeling left out because all your blockmates have hot dates, fear not, "The Harvard Voice" is providing a matchmaking survey for House formals. By answering a few simple multiple choice questions, you can be matched with your choice of a male or female, or you can ask to be surprised if you're feeling adventurous. 

The form consists of simple but deeply meditative questions to help determine personality traits such as your favorite ice cream flavor and how you want to end your perfect formal (answers for this question range from: "High fives all around" to "Nook nookie. Sexile the roommate"). You also note what day your formal is and which days you can attend other formals because who actually studies over reading period anyway? At the end of the questionnaire, you have a chance to be yourself and list some likes and dislikes, which "The Voice" seems to think is, "something that lets us know you're not just signing your roommate/friend/enemy up as a prank." Right. Good luck with that.

This may seem like a desperate idea, but if you think about it, it's really not a bad option. It's less stressful than asking someone if you have a horrible fear of rejection. Or perhaps you are just looking to meet someone new. You never know what will happen.