The End of the EC10-Mobile

Friday became a dark day for Harvard's legendary economics Professor N. Gregory Mankiw after his iconic "Ec10-mobile," a light blue BMW easily recognizable by its "EC10" license plate, met its demise as Mankiw drove home from work.

As he was driving through an intersection, a car on the other side of the road turned left into Mankiw's BMW, resulting in the crash.

"I think the other driver was not paying attention," Mankiw said. "I was glad that everyone was okay ... It's a tribute to modern engineering."

While he was grateful that there were no injuries, Mankiw expressed sadness that the car was beyond repair.

"I'm going to have start looking around," he said. "Right now, I'm driving my daughter's Honda Fit. It's a little small."

Though unsure which model of car he will eventually buy, Mankiw said that he hopes to preserve his iconic license plate.

He was surprised, however, that his little blue car was so well known.

"I'm shocked that this is newsworthy, but this is your call," he said.

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