Economics Remains Most Popular Concentration for Class of 2022

Economics maintained its position as the most popular concentration, with 612 undergraduate concentrators at the College this fall, according to the Director of the Office of Institutional Research Karen Pearce.

Michael Kremer

Economics Professor and 2019 Nobel Laureate in Economics Michael Kremer '85 converses with students during an event hosted by the Center for International Development in the Smith Campus Center Tuesday evening.

Legacy, Athlete, and Donor Preferences Disproportionately Benefit White Applicants, per Analysis

Forty-three percent of white admits to Harvard College are athletes, legacies, children of faculty, or members of a hand selected list curated by top administrators, according to working papers by Students for Fair Admissions-hired expert witness Peter S. Arcidiacono.

Larry Sumers

Professor Larry Summers introduces Bank of England Governor Mike Carney at the IOP on Wednesday evening. The two professionals discussed The New International Economic Order and the current trade issues in the global economy today.

At Harvard Economics Talk, Northwestern Professor Reinterprets Industrial Revolution

Economic historian Joel Mokyr argued that the expertise of British craftsmen fueled that country’s rise to dominance during the Industrial Revolution in a lecture sponsored by the Economics Department Wednesday.

Nobel Prize in Economics Awarded to Harvard Professor Michael Kremer

Economics Professor Michael Kremer ’85 won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences along with two MIT professors for their work on developing an experimental methodology for alleviating poverty around the world.

Harvard Economist Martin Weitzman, Known for Climate Change Scholarship, Dies at 77

As awareness about climate change has grown rapidly in recent years and brought about calls for change, Harvard Economics Professor Martin L. Weitzman forged a path of environmental scholarship in the field of economics.

Complainant Withdrew Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination Complaint Against Harvard Prof. Roland Fryer

A state-level investigation into whether Economics Professor Roland G. Fryer, Jr. sexually harassed and retaliated against a former female employee concluded in February by agreement of the parties, according to documents obtained by The Crimson.

Harvard Invests Millions in New Cryptocurrency

Harvard Management Company is now investing in a new cryptocurrency, Blockstack, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings released Wednesday, a move some experts have said is still unusual for investors of its magnitude.

Personal Finances

Professor John Y. Campbell teaches the first Personal Finance Workshop hosted by the Economics Department in Harvard Hall Tuesday evening.

Sanders 1

Economics 10: "Principles of Economics" will undergo a series of changes following longtime instructor N. Gregory Mankiw's departure. The course, held in Sanders Theater, will move to the Science Center and will be taught by two Economics professors.

Laibson and Furman to Take Over Ec10, Increase Number of Lectures

The two professors will replace Economics Professor N. Gregory Mankiw as course heads of Ec10, the department’s year-long flagship introductory course and one of Harvard’s largest undergraduate courses. Mankiw announced in early March that he will step down from teaching the course at the end of the semester to pursue “new pedagogical challenges.”

Harvard Economics Department Plans More Intro Classes Focused on Real-World Applications

The Economics Department is working to create more entry-level courses focused on the applications — as opposed to theory — of economics in an effort to attract more freshmen and sophomores, according to Department Chair Jeremy C. Stein.

Mankiw to Leave Flagship Harvard Ec 10 Course

After more than a decade at the helm of one of Harvard’s largest courses, Economics Professor N. Gregory Mankiw announced in an email to graduate students Monday that he will step down from teaching Economics 10: “Principles of Economics” at the end of this semester.

Harvard Economists Join Policy Proposal to Combat Climate Change

More than 3,300 economists, a number of whom are Harvard affiliates, signed the “Economists’ Statement on Carbon Dividends,” calling for a bipartisan climate change solution, the Climate Leadership Council announced last month. The statement is the largest of its kind, with a historic number of economists signing onto it, including 27 Nobel Laureates.

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