Students Vie For Coop Board Positions

When Harvard students walk into the Coop, their main concern tends to be the price of textbooks, but some students have taken a greater interest in the bookstore. Ten Harvard students are currently running to join the 23-member board of the Harvard Cooperative Society. Although the Board can't lower the price of books, many of the candidates hope to open the lines of communication between the Coop and the student body.

"Students today need faster, easier access to information about what the Coop can do for us," said Sonia K. McNeil, the only law school student on the ballot. "By staying engaged and open to new ideas, the Coop can keep growing along with the community it serves."

Other candidates are drawn to the Coop because it provides the opportunity to participate in the operations of a fully functional business. Board members are in charge of making decisions ranging from the establishment of employee benefits to managing the Coop's real estate.

"It's one of the few opportunities on campus to serve on a real business board," said Melissa C. Oppenheim '12 who, if re-elected, will serve on the board for the third time next year. "I think it's a highly valuable and rewarding experience."

Voting is conducted online, on the Coop's website, and in order for the election to be considered valid, at least 1,100 student members of the Coop must vote. Online voting began on April 4 and will end on April 25. Results will be announced on May 2.

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