Commander at the COOP

Former Secretary-General of NATO and former Prime Minister of Denmark Anders Fogh Rasmussen signs his new book at the COOP Monday afternoon. His book, entitled “The Will To Lead,“ calls for American leadership in international affairs.

Sunstein's Star Wars

Professor Cass R. Sunstein ’75 lectures on his new book, “The World According to Star Wars," which explores unanticipated movements in law, business, culture, and politics through a Star Wars lens.

Spring Book Returns

Natalie Cho '17 brings her textbooks to the Harvard Coop to sell them back. 'I didn't get to sell any of them back though," Cho said as she left with her books in hand.

After Low Turnout, Coop Board Moves to Application

​After years of low voter turnouts during its board elections of student representatives, the Harvard Coop changed its board recruitment process last year from open elections to formal applications.

Senior in Aisle Four

Computer Science concentrator Michael J. Woo ’16 reads a book in aisle 4 of the Harvard COOP bookstore, where many students purchase course books, on Wednesday afternoon.

Students Buy Coursebooks at the Coop

Even though students wait in long lines carrying heavy books, explained Coop employee Emily E. Glimp, “no one ever complains, no one’s ever grumpy.” Tristan T. Threatt ’18 buys coursebooks from Glimp on Thursday.

In With The New

Allegra Zoller, a college graduate who has been working at the Harvard COOP for around 8 months, restocks books for the upcoming year. Harvard students have until May 17th to return and sell their books.


Barnes and Noble’s recent announcement that the company would divide its education and retail divisions into two separate publicly traded companies will not affect operations at The Harvard Coop, which is managed by Barnes and Noble.

Despite Spin-Off, Coop Management Remains Constant

Barnes and Noble’s recent announcement that the company divide its education and retail divisions into two separate publicly traded companies will not affect operations at the Harvard Coop, which is managed by Barnes and Noble.

History and Popular Memory at the Coop

Paul A. Cohen, author of "History and Popular Memory: The Power of Story in Moments of Crisis" speaks about powerful leaders in history like Joan of Arc at the Harvard Coop Bookstore on Tuesday evening.

Harvard Today: Janis Joplin

John B. Cooke, center-left, rock star Janis L. Joplin's road manager between 1967 until her demise, performs with the Charles River Valley Boys at the Harvard Coop. After the performance, Cooke signed copies of his book "On the Road with Janis Joplin".

National Security and Double Government

Michael J. Glennon, professor of international law at Tufts University, speaks about his new book "National Security and Double Government" on Monday evening in the Coop Bookstore.

Coop Election

With the Harvard Coop's Board of Directors election a week away, candidates and management worry whether enough votes will be garnered.

Low Voter Turnout in Coop Elections is Concerning but Familiar

With a week left until the end of elections for the Harvard Coop’s board of directors on April 24, candidates and Coop management remain uncertain whether enough members will ultimately vote in the elections.

Creating a Co-op

The tofu sizzles on a frying pan next to a pot of steaming miso soup. On the cutting board, kale leaves are being chopped up in preparation for a salad, and an electric mixer is forging its way through batter for vegan chocolate chip cookies. Amid the sizzling and chopping, students engage in a passionate discussion about the future of solar power.

Coop Announces 8.8 Percent Rebate

Despite the nationwide struggle of brick and mortar bookstores in the online era, the Harvard Cooperative Society announced an increase in its annual member rebate percentage. Coop members will receive an 8.8 percent rebate this year, representing a 10 percent increase from last year.

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