Earth Day Video Released

Akshay M. Sharma '14, a representative of the Resource Efficiency Program, unleashed the YouTube video "Turn off the Lights" yesterday in honor of Earth Day 2011.

The Resource Efficiency Program recruits undergraduate students to spread awareness about sustainability. From reducing food waste, shortening showers, and using reusable dishware, the program provides students with varying ways to decrease their carbon footprints and waste production.

Sharma produced and edited this video as an independent project. A green twist to Kanye West's "All of the Lights," Sharma sought to get students' attention through this popular song.

"I really just wanted to spread the idea and get people excited to learn about sustainability at Harvard," Sharma said.

The video, produced and edited by Sharma, also features his lyrical and vocal skills. Maura D. Church '14 assisted with vocals, and Miranda J. Morrison '14 helped write the lyrics.

"I believe Harvard makes an effort to go 'green' in every way that it can reasonably control," Sharma said. "I think it falls to the students to go further."

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