Stoner Movies Available in HOLLIS


"Your Highness"—the 87,395th movie starring Natalie Portman '03 released in the past year—is now in theaters. But just in case the prospect of seeing the Harvard-grad-turned-Oscar-winner slay dragons isn't enough to draw you into theaters, we should also point out that it is also the first big stoner movie of 2011.

So in honor of this momentous occasion, here is a list of the top five stoner movies available through Hollis, to be used for your procrastinating pleasure.

5) "Reefer Madness" – Okay, so stoner movies in the 1930s don't quite look like those that we know and love today. But if you can tune out all of the conservative propaganda, this film—arguably the first stoner movie of all time—is pretty hilarious. It can be found on a DVD from the Widener Depository called "The Madness Trilogy," which also includes films on cocaine fields and "sex madness."

4) "Lammbock" – Didn't know that German cinema had a place for stoner movies? It does, and this one's available in the Widener Depository. Broaden your range of stoner-movie repertoire and go cross-cultural! The director, Christian Zübert, was apparently inspired by Quentin Tarantino, so if you love Tarantino and German cinema, this will be a blast.

3) "Dude, Where’s My Car?" – Ashton Kutcher, in his breakout role, is the epitome of charming naïveté—or sort of hilarious stupidity. It's not clear whether back tattoos of the words "Dude" and "Sweet" fall under the former or the latter. Go check it out of Lamont.

2) "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" – Check out this classic written by two Jersey boys straight out of high school. That, and because it refers to the dreaded med-school interview as a "non-issue" during this epic Anthony Anderson appearance. It's the ultimate procrastination-turned-adventure which makes it perfect reading-period material. Available from the Widener Depository and the Law School library.

1) "Pineapple Express" – An earlier project from the director of "Your Highness," David Gordon Green, this iconic stoner movie put him on the map and shot Seth Rogen even further into stardom. Additionally, James Franco co-stars as a stoner with exponentially more energy than what Franco himself managed to muster up for the Oscars. What a better way to prepare for Green’s new release? Go get it from the Widener Depository.


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