EAC to Host Box Sale


With the end of the school year looming ahead, students are scrambling to find boxes to pack away their belongings for the summer. Harvard Student Agencies, Staples, and Dickson Brothers all sell storage materials, but the Harvard Environmental Action Committee aims to provide an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to buying new boxes.

“We're taking boxes from different places around campus and around Cambridge where they wouldn't be used otherwise," said Kristin J. Wraith '14, the outreach chair for the EAC, "and it's a good way for [the EAC] to get out and get known on campus."

Boxes come in a variety of different sizes and cost two to four dollars each. According to Serena Y. Zhao '12, EAC's Ottoman, the money from the sale goes to EAC operations such as EnviroEd and Earth Day.

"It'll help us create more opportunities for students to engage with helping the environment," Zhao said.

Cardboard boxes are usually recycled, but reusing them is more beneficial for the environment. Reusing boxes reduces waste and helps save energy and resources. The EAC will be selling boxes until Thursday, May 12 .

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