How the Gmail Change Affects Seniors


Harvard University Information Technology announced today that all “” email accounts will change to a Gmail interface on August 15. This change affects more than 75 percent of the student body, as every student since the Class of 2013 has an @college account.

But what about the seniors who still use @fas accounts?

For the time being, only undergraduates who already have an @college email address are eligible for the new Gmail-based service. HUIT will let students without @college accounts know when they, too, can switch to the latest service.

Here's what HUIT said in an email to students with @fas accounts:

As a student who does not yet have an @College account, you will have an opportunity to obtain one beginning in mid-September.  You are under no obligation to open an @College account.  However, if you choose to do so, HUIT will provide self-service tools and support to migrate your existing @FAS email to your new account.


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