Hack Harvard
Computer Science

Hundreds of Students Spend Weekend Coding at HackHarvard’s Fifth Annual Hackathon

Hundreds of students from universities representing five continents spent 36 sleepless hours coding over the weekend during the fifth annual HackHarvard, a student-run hackathon held at the Student Organizations Center at Hilles.

Title IX Office
Student Life

Harvard Debuts Anonymous Online Title IX Reporting Form

Harvard’s Title IX Office debuted an anonymous online reporting form on Monday designed to help students report sexual misconduct with greater comfort and logistical ease.

Wasserstein Hall
Student Life

Harvard Law School Student Government Works to Improve Course Evaluation Site

Harvard Law School Student Government Co-Presidents Princess Daisy M. A. Akita ’15 and Daniel M. Egel-Weiss are working with University officials to change the Law School’s current course evaluation to make it more similar to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ Q Guide.

Diversity and Tech Panel at the IOP

Diversity and Tech Panel at the IOP

Ruha Benjamin, Khalil G. Muhammad, Latoya Peterson, and Joan Donovan discuss race, technology, media, and policy at the IOP on Wednesday evening.

Diversity and Tech Panel at the IOP

Panelists Discuss Technology and Race at Harvard IOP Event

The panelists at the event — dubbed “The Politics of Difference: Race, Technology, and Inclusion” — discussed a variety of topics, ranging from targeted advertising in social media to video game “culture wars.”

Kennedy School
On Campus

Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Talks Ethics and Technology at Kennedy School

Luís Roberto Barroso, current justice of the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil and senior fellow of the Harvard Kennedy School, warned that advances in technology will pose new dangers to Brazilian and American democratic institutions in a speech at the school Monday evening.

my.Harvard courses
Flyby Blog

8 Things That Work Better Than

We compiled 8 things that currently work better than the my.harvard system!

Graduate Student Council Meeting
Student Groups

Grad Student Council Welcomes New Student Group Database in First Meeting of the Semester

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences’ Graduate Student Council announced its support for the Office of Student Services’ new online student group database at its first open meeting of the semester Wednesday night.

Housing Overlay Fights
City Politics

City Council Introduces Facial Recognition Ban Bill at Summer Meeting

The Cambridge City Council took the first step to pass an amendment to its surveillance ordinance to ban the use of facial recognition city-wide during its annual summer meeting Tuesday.

Harvard Management Company

Harvard Invests Millions in New Cryptocurrency

Harvard Management Company is now investing in a new cryptocurrency, Blockstack, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings released Wednesday, a move some experts have said is still unusual for investors of its magnitude.

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Ron Suskind Talks Family, Autism Communication App at Harvard Ed School

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron S. Suskind lectured on autism and identity at the Graduate School of Education Tuesday evening, sharing his experiences raising a son with autism and his efforts to develop a therapy app.

Harvard Business School

First Undergrad Cohort Chosen for Harvard Technology Innovation Fellows Program

Fourteen Harvard College juniors have been selected as members of the first cohort of the Undergraduate Technology Innovation Fellows Program, an initiative between SEAS and the Business School that seeks to bridge technology and entrepreneurship through courses, workshops, and seminars.

Moral Labyrinth Installation Progress

An Interdisciplinary Tangle

“The digital is not immaterial, it’s not some realm alternate to the realm we inhabit as human beings. We think of it as very palpable and material. What we’re interested in is our forms of ideation that translate into our forms of practice.”

Mark Zuckerberg
Harvard Law School

Mark Zuckerberg Talks Data Security and Advertising at Harvard Law School Event

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg ’06 took part in a discussion about data security and targeted advertising at Harvard Law School earlier this month. HLS professor Zittrain said that Zuckerberg’s level of personal control over Facebook policies made him a good candidate for the conversation.

Harvard Management Company
University Finances

Harvard Invests Heavily in Tech Stocks Compared to Other Top Endowments

Harvard Management Company, the University’s investment arm, invests more heavily in technology companies than the other four largest university endowments in the country, according to the most recent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings.