Moral Labyrinth Installation Progress

An Interdisciplinary Tangle

“The digital is not immaterial, it’s not some realm alternate to the realm we inhabit as human beings. We think of it as very palpable and material. What we’re interested in is our forms of ideation that translate into our forms of practice.”

Harvard Management Company
University Finances

Harvard Invests Heavily in Tech Stocks Compared to Other Top Endowments

Harvard Management Company, the University’s investment arm, invests more heavily in technology companies than the other four largest university endowments in the country, according to the most recent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

Mark Zuckerberg
Harvard Law School

Mark Zuckerberg Talks Data Security and Advertising at Harvard Law School Event

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg ’06 took part in a discussion about data security and targeted advertising at Harvard Law School earlier this month. HLS professor Zittrain said that Zuckerberg’s level of personal control over Facebook policies made him a good candidate for the conversation.

Concentrators Data

Amid Decline in Popularity, Harvard Government Department Turns to New Data and Tech Programs

Harvard's Government department hopes that two new tracks — in Tech Science and Data Science — will not only widen the scope of what affiliated students study, but offer an antidote to the field's diminished popularity.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School, SEAS, and FAS Launch New Fellowship for Undergrads

The new Technology Innovation Fellowship Program is available to all current juniors interested technology and entrepreneurship.

UC Website
Undergraduate Council

UC Candidates Say Empty Website and Understaffed Election Commission Spur ‘Goose Chase’ for Information

Candidates girding for Undergraduate Council presidential elections have had difficulties reaching the UC website and the body tasked with answering questions.

OCS Senior Industries

Nearly Three-Quarters of Harvard Grads Pursued For-Profit Jobs in 2018

Seventy-two percent of Harvard College’s Class of 2018 planned to enter for-profit jobs after graduating last May, according to the most recent employment report released by the College’s Office of Career Services.

Crossing the Chasm: Why Now is the Time for Public Interest Technology

Technology Can Serve the Public Interest, IOP Panelists Say

They shared both personal experiences of being public interest technologists and their ideas on how to best address the regulation of technology firms during the hour-long conversation.

Maxwell Dworkin

CS100 Seeks to Bridge Tech and Humanities

Unlike CS50, however, basic coding knowledge and an online application were both required to enroll in Malan’s latest offering.


Government Department Introduces Two New STEM-Focused Tracks

This upcoming year, students concentrating in Government will be able to specialize in “Data Science” or “Tech Science” for the first time.

Dean Francis J. Doyle III

Dean Francis J. Doyle III

Dean of the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Francis J. Doyle III.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
School of Public Health

School of Public Health Launches Collaboration with Google

The Harvard School of Public Health recently launched a partnership with Google aimed at investigating the use of toxic materials in construction.

UC Website
Undergraduate Council

UC Debuts Revamped Website

​The Council debuted a revamped website Monday, which UC leaders say will serve a resource compendium for students and will better hold the body accountable.

UC Hacked
Undergraduate Council

Undergraduate Council Website Briefly Hacked By ‘Iran Cyber Security Group’

During the hack, visitors to the website encountered a cartoon of President Donald Trump being punched in the chin by an individual who wore a wristband striped the colors of the Iranian flag: green, white, and red.

Bill Gates at Harvard
On Campus

Bill Gates Returns to Harvard to Talk Philanthropy, Social Life

Bill Gates, Harvard’s wealthiest drop-out, returned to the University Thursday to visit labs and speak to hundreds of students from across Harvard’s schools about his work.