In preparation for Pfoho's '90s dance this Saturday, Flyby brings you the best throwbacks from this lovable but fashion-backward decade.

1. All-Boy and All-Girl Bands. Probably the only time that gender separation was totally acceptable. Bands like the Spice Girls, *NSYNC, and the Backstreet Boys dazzled the decade, even if their platform sneakers and frosted tips reminiscent of ramen noodles didn't.

2. Taking Care of Inanimate Objects. Between teaching Furbys English and making sure their Tamagotchi creatures were properly fed, '90s kids may have been prematurely introduced to parenthood (what else were they supposed to do before iPhones?).

3. Valspeak. Alicia Silverstone's Cher in "Clueless" immortalized not only plaid suits and argyle skirts but also introduced us to sporadically charming jargon like, "Oh my God, I am totally buggin'," "She's a full-on Monet," and the unforgettable, "As if!"

4. Steve Urkel. The socially awkward "Family Matters" character wore hipster glasses way before they were ironic.

5. Songs That Told You What To Do. Everyone could pass as a decent dancer thanks to songs like "Vogue," "Jump," and "Everybody Dance Now (Gonna Make You Sweat)."

6. Teen Programming. If "Boy Meets World" and "My So-Called Life" didn't teach you enough life lessons, "Clarissa Explains It All" made sure you knew how to dress (back when neon leggings, scrunchies, and overalls were a thing).

7. Overly-Complex Dramas. Although David Lynch and Mark Frost's "Twin Peaks" developed more of a cult following than a broad fan base, its peculiar storylines made viewers appreciate "damn fine cup[s] of coffee," handwritten diaries, and people of all shapes and sizes.

8. Will Smith Being Funny. Even if Smith's transition into dramatic territory has been mostly successful (we'll forgive him for "Seven Pounds"), we can't help but be nostalgic for his stylish and suave persona on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

9. Grunge. This movement made Seattle relevant again, thanks to groups like Nirvana and their steadfast belief in flannel shirts and long, unwashed hair.

10. Old School Britney Spears. Oh, innocent Brit, we miss you and your inappropriate school uniforms most of all! Even if the '90s are long gone, we still believe in you.