In anticipation of The Game this Saturday, The Boston Globe published a story pitting Cambridge against New Haven. Sadly, there are several comparisons that the Globe got wrong. Out of nine categories, four went to Yale (and one was a tie.) Here is the real truth about which college city is better:

Souvenir: According to The Globe, visitors to New Haven can walk away with better souvenirs than those who visit Cambridge. Seriously? Tell that to the thousands of tourists crowded in the Yard and dozens of t-shirt shops scattered around the Square.

Hamburger: Yale came out victorious in the question of which city could offer a better hamburger. Mr. Bartley's went head to head with Louis' Lunch in New Haven. Clearly the Globe staffers have never had "The Jeremy Linsanity," a pizza burger with marinara sauce, mozzarella, and french fries.

Art Museums: Although renovations continue to drag on at the Fogg Museum, there can still be no question that the museums in Cambridge are of far superior quality to New Haven's. After all, the Fogg can't have spent three years of renovating on nothing.

Best Dinosaurs Without Tenure: The Globe gave Yale the edge in the battle of the science museums as the Harvard Museum of Natural History went up against Yale's Peabody. Not only does the 42-foot long Kronosaurus swimming through Harvard's museum look awesome, it's also the most complete skeleton of that species ever found. Oh, and there's this.

Football: The article left out the most important comparison of all: football. History shows Harvard is the clear victor, but we'll just have to see come The Game.

If you're curious which categories Harvard did win, here they are: "Lying Statue," "Famous Music Club," "Sports Bar," and "Dinner on Mom and Dad."