Holiday Gifts That Won’t Leave You Alone Under the Mistletoe

Be glad we’re not suggesting a lump of coal.
Be glad we’re not suggesting a lump of coal.

With seven blockmates, three siblings, four final exams, and two papers, shopping for holiday gifts can be both financially straining and time-consuming. Luckily, the Flyby elf is making his annual visit, offering ideas for creative and cheap presents. The gifts that follow will be sure to please everyone from your best friend to that random guy in your study group's Secret Santa gift exchange.

Jar It: Everyone enjoys baked goods, but few enjoy baking. Avoid the hassle of ovens and whisks by filling a mason jar with all the dry ingredients necessary for making your recipient's favorite treat. All they have to do is add the liquids (be sure to include a recipe), mix, and bake. Layer ingredients for visual appeal and be sure to accent with a bow!

Sexy Soap: As college students, we sometimes neglect hygiene. Ensure your friend smells fresh during the holiday season with this accented cleanser. Buy a nice bar of soap (look for pretty colors and fragrant aromas) and, using a toothpick, carve designs, messages, or a picture into the soap. The recipient will think of you every time they shower!

Decorate the Tree: Regardless of religion, anyone can appreciate a tree ornament. These unique mementos make great presents even if you don't have a pine branch to hang them on. Make your friend a one-of-a-kind ornament this year either by decorating a clear ornament or starting from scratch with clay.

Go Prehistoric: Once upon a time, photo albums existed independently of the internet. It's never too early to prepare for the Facebook apocalypse by downloading and printing photographs of you and your recipient. Arrange them in an album (don't worry you can still tag and caption them). Include a disposable camera for memories to come!

And then there's always the Starbucks gift card.

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