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Basic pH Scale

Defining “basic” is anything but. While basicness is commonly understood as a binary, close scrutiny—in the form of a weekend on Long Island—has reminded me that this is far from the case. Like electromagnetism and everything in a WGS class, “basic” is a spectrum, and like a proclivity for pumpkin spice, it exists inside all of us. To help make sense of this misunderstood condition (and our desire to pair Juicy with Uggs), FM presents the Basic pH Scale. Similar to the litmus paper from your 8th grade science fair project, the higher you go, the more basic you get. If you have any questions, visit BU.

Hate It: Pumpkin Beer

After struggling endlessly to get off Facebook (animal videos, duh) and finish my overdue Chinese philosophy paper, I want to reward myself. Head fogged by philosophers whose names I can’t pronounce and beliefs I can’t explain (if my PAFees are reading this, this is why you go to class), I seek a prize that can validate my maximum (but probably lower) B+ grade. I’m craving something that can quench the thirst that can only be acquired in Lamont’s stratospheric top floor. I stick my hand into the fridge. What cool and refreshing beverage might I mooch off my roommate? A PBR? A Natty? Perhaps even a worldly Heineken? To my horror, the bottle that greets me is labeled with a John Boehner resembling jack-o-lantern (obviously in color, but shockingly also in form). Pumpkin beer. It takes me a second to wrap my head around such a foreign concept. Dutch, perhaps?

Five Ways We’re Using Netflix to Procrastinate

It's 3 a.m. and you're sick of those endless Folklore and Mythology problem sets. You switch to Netflix but are instantly overwhelmed by the variety. Lucky for you, Flyby is here to guide you through the tireless video store that is Netflix Watch Instantly.

Take Your Pick of Harvard-Yale Shirts

Forget the "H" sweaters and crimson striped bow ties of yesteryear as you plan your outfit for the Harvard-Yale Game. This year's offerings show us that putting Yale down requires nothing fancier than a t-shirt. Take a look: