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"I'm too busy" is never a good excuse to skimp on exciting and delicious food escapades. In this new series, explore the culinary scene of Boston and Cambridge with Jane, your Crimson foodie who may be picky, but will still try anything on the plate at least once (except maybe chicken feet).

From creamy lobster rolls to chunky clam chowder, the cuisine of New England highlights the freshest ingredients found underwater. As a coastal city, Boston is home to numerous seafood restaurants, including The Red House in Harvard Square.

The name of the restaurant is certainly not a misnomer—quite literally, it is located in a beautifully restored red house on Winthrop Street. The restaurant specializes in lobster, but its menu expands to other seafood like scallops and salmon as well as pasta and sandwiches.

My friend and I started our culinary cruise with Baked Stuffed Cape Cod Oysters ($9). Each of the four oysters on the plate was topped with spring onions, shiitake mushrooms, and buttered crumbs over a bed of greens. As someone who prefers the salty, natural taste of raw oysters, the restaurant's stuffed alternatives were a bit artificial and heavy for my liking.

The Maine Crab Cake Sandwich ($13) was served as two mini sliders with a side of lettuce and potato salad. The crispy crab cakes unfortunately lacked the much-desired lumpy crabmeats, while the creamy and spicy tanginess from the chipotle-caper remoulade was too overpowering. The buns for the sliders looked and tasted like plain dinner rolls in the dining hall.

Of its extensive lobster entrees, we opted for the Lobster Risotto ($25), hoping that we would be able to enjoy this sea creature without laboring to shuck its shell. Prepared with fresh lobster meat, Swiss chard, and triple cream brie, the risotto was too watery as though the chef accidentally added an extra cup of water. Granted that I tend to add a dash of salt to almost everything I eat, this dish also tasted bland without having rich, savory flavors.

All in all, not the best meal. Have you been? If so, let me know if it was any good by leaving a comment - I'm always game to give restaurants a second chance!

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