What happens when you mix Harvard with one of the biggest bubblegum pop hits of 2012? A YouTube sensation.

Last spring, the 2012 Harvard baseball team recorded their cover of "Call Me Maybe" which has since garnered more than 17 million views on YouTube. Sporting Harvard gear, the boys showed off their world-class dance moves to an enthusiastic audience.

Now, YouTube itself has immortalized their fifteen minutes of fame in "Rewind YouTube Style 2012," released earlier this week. Joining the ranks of Psy and the Annoying Orange—parody style—the team is portrayed by Internet stars such as Jenna Marbles and GloZell. (For what it's worth, we at Flyby are pleased to report that this Instagram snapshot of the two stars did in fact turn out to be all that we'd hoped for.)

Almost as enjoyable is another video, "Behind the Scenes + Outtakes from Rewind YouTube Style 2012," which contains these inspiring words to struggling dancers from an anonymous faux-Harvard teammate (around 3:06): "We went to Harvard, all right? We can get this!"

With 42 million views and counting on the new "Rewind" video, how many people do you think have called our baseball players maybe?