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Thanks to Twitter and its half billion users, there are a lot of #s and @s floating around cyberspace these days. How many of them, though, are Harvard-related? Don't even try counting. Since sifting through a bajillion tweets is not ideal, we've narrowed down the list. Here are the top five Harvard-related Twitters that have, in our opinion, mastered the art of 140-character entertainment.

1. @meganamram:

Full of wit and snark, Megan L. Amram '10 is the queen of funny on Twitter. This former writer for the Hasty Pudding Theatricals uses her tweets to poke fun at pop culture, Whole Foods, and how women don't ride their cars sidesaddle nowadays. If you're not impressed, let her 176,660 (and counting) followers convince you otherwise.

2. @harvardhoochies:

The name says it all. These driven Boston University "biddies" like Final Clubs and Harvard men, and they have a lot to say about the two. Want to find them? Just follow their tweets.

3. @fuckimaRUHG

Self-deprecating and hilarious, Random Ugly Harvard Girl (RUHG) has some serious spunk. When not making fun of herself or wishing she were invited to parties, RUHG also often tweets about HUDS. Fun fact: she's a fan of red spice chicken, and wants to get married in the Quincy House Dining Hall.

4. @HarvardAsianGuy:

This self-proclaimed pre-med-economics-and-computer-science concentrator, who also plays piano and is an I-banking intern, has a sense of humor. He embraces Harvard stereotypes, and once tweeted that he makes his ramen with coffee—clearly, time equals money.

5. @GSElevator:

Since Goldman Sachs is always trending at Harvard, this Twitter is a must-read. Truly an account of the one percent, these tweets give you an inside look at what goes on in the Goldman Sachs elevator. As to whether it's real or not: we'll let you decide.

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