Winthrop Park in Harvard Square took a trip to mid-nineties Manhattan on Friday, as Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi—his real name is Larry Thomas—and a My Fox38 free soup truck made a stop on the national tour.

Seinfeld fans and free-food enthusiasts alike lined up for the chance to receive free Mulligatawny soup and other Seinfeld-based classics/dishes, from the man himself. Thomas, much like Bob Costas, appeared not to have aged since the episode first aired in November, 1995. But he did not maintain his same rigid code of ordering practices that earned him the infamous moniker.

The character, which is based off of real soup vendor Al Yeganeh, earned Thomas an Emmy nomination and now, 17 years later, Thomas is still riding the wave of Soup Nazi fame. If you missed out on your chance to meet the mid-90s legend, you can still catch the tour as it continues across the United States.