Free Food

Free Cone Day

Students line up for an ice cream cone at the Garage's Ben & Jerry's on Tuesday afternoon, which served free ice cream as part of Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day 2017.

Good Degree, Better Food: Best Harvard Concentrations

As Advising Fortnight draws to a close, students and faculty alike vie for the attention of freshmen at various concentration events. Of course, the best way to to get college students to like you or to sign up for your stuff is to shower them with free things. So, for the overwhelmed freshmen trying to choose a concentration, Flyby has a foolproof way to narrow down your choices: It all comes down to food.

Scene and Heard: Food During Finals

​Finals period is coming, and with it, the need for non-HUDS food is stronger than ever before. To help you through Harvard’s hell week, FM has compiled a list of ways to get a satisfying—and cheap—culinary fix.

Free Waffles

Steven Kunis '17 and Kathryn J. Gunderson '17 enjoy free waffles as part of Zinneken's four-year anniversary event on Tuesday evening. The shop made 800 waffles in preparation for the event, according to a representative.


Henry Li ‘16 prepares a toasted sandwich for delivery on Monday night; students who texted members of the Harvard Ichthus, the student journal of Christian thought and expression with questions about Christianity received toasted sandwiches.

Pledging Smiles

Members of the Student Mental Health Liaisons handed out free t-shirts and Italian ice in exchange for signing a pledge to, among other things, “be an advocate for mental health on our campus.” The students were stationed on the Science Center Plaza for much of Thursday.

Grubbing While Listening

Students listen to a panel on "Social Justice for Women of Color" in Harvard Hall on Thursday evening while also enjoying food provided at the event. The panel, which spoke about African American women’s divergent experiences with violence and socioeconomic hardship, was organized by the Action Committee of the Association of Black Harvard Women.

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