Just because we're the oldest college in the country doesn't mean we are the best. In fact, it doesn't even mean we crack the top five.

This summer, Forbes ranked Harvard as the sixth best undergraduate program in the country. Princeton topped the list, followed by Williams, Stanford, University of Chicago and (gasp) Yale. As part of the ranking, Forbes included the total cost of attending each school. Of the top six, Harvard was the second cheapest with a total cost of $56,000, while Princeton was the least expensive at $53,934. Forbes estimated Yale's costs to be significantly higher than Harvard's at $58,250, and University of Chicago was the priciest of the top six colleges with an estimated cost of $59,950. Others ranked in the top ten include the United States Military Academy, Columbia University, Pomona College, and Swarthmore College. Cornell was the lowest ranked Ivy League college, coming in at number 51, just behind University of California at Berkeley.